Who We Are

The Catholic Athletic Association (CAA) exists to organize and promote the development of respectful, faith-filled athletics through participation in interscholastic sports.

The Catholic Athletic Association started in 1948 and through the years, over 750,000 athletes have participated. It all started with a $37 check and volunteers, parents and coaches coming together to give kids the opportunity to participate in athletics. And, it’s still going. Over the years, the CAA has kept up with trends in sports and the overall interest of its participants. Leaders have always stated that the goal is not to produce highly skilled athletes who go on to play in college and the pros — although a number of them have done just that; but rather, to give every interested child the chance to play sports. Today, the CAA continues to offer opportunities to grade-school youth.

In recent years, the geographic reach of the CAA has been extended to Minneapolis and its suburbs on the west, and Wisconsin on the east. This expansion ensures that the CAA will be around for a long time. That’s good news for thousands of grade school kids waiting excitedly for the day when they can don their school jersey.





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