Code of Conduct

Personal conduct that is respectful, patient, and mature is required within our association. Please remember that players play the games, coaches coach the games, and officials officiate the games. Spectators should not involve themselves in coaching or officiating matters. Please remember that CAA events use the facilities of many member schools, public schools, and recreation centers. It is essential that we show proper respect in our treatment of all the gyms and fields we use and leave them clean and in the same excellent condition in which we find them. Enjoy yourself at our events.

A number of member organizations host end-of-season playoffs in volleyball and basketball for the benefit of all CAA schools. These schools routinely collect a modest admission charge for these playoff events, defraying their costs and fundraising for their programs. They do so with the full knowledge and support of the CAA.

 CAA Sportsmanship Pledge

The Catholic Athletic Association (CAA) Board of Directors requests that the CAA Sportsmanship Pledge be read at each match before play begins. The pledge should be read aloud by one player from each team, from center court to the spectators.

As a player, I acknowledge that I am a role model. I will remember that school athletics and activities are learning experiences. I must show respect for all players, coaches, spectators, officials and supporting groups. I understand the spirit of fair play and that good sportsmanship is expected by our school and the Catholic Athletic Association.

I hereby accept my responsibility to be a role model of good sportsmanship, which comes from being a student involved in athletics and activities.
 CAA Sportsmanship Pledge